UCLA Spring Sing Company 2020 Member - Sketch Comedy Group

  • UCLA’s annual music competition since 1945

  • Hosted by Company, a group of 12 students selected to write and perform comedic sketches in between the talent acts

Resident Writer for “Zip Zap Zop” Sketch Comedy YouTube Channel

  • Student organized sketch comedy group

  • Written, directed, and produced by UCLA students

Playwright at Lenaea Theatre Festival (2018)

  • Northern California Three Day Theater Festival

  • One Act “The Reunion Interviews” was chosen to premiere at the Festival


UCLA Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theater (Spring 2022)

  • Introduction to Playwriting - Cary Simowitz

  • Fundamentals of Playwriting - Anna Fox

Theater Productions

“The Reunion Interviews”- A One Act

  • Production - Christian Brothers Theater (2018)

  • Workshop - Harris Center for the Arts at Folsom Lake College (2018)

Sketch Comedy Productions

UCLA Spring Sing Company Sketches (2020)

  • “Parent Trapped”

  • “Pi Day”

  • “TA Evals”

  • “Bianca’s Bootcamp”

Zip Zap Zop Sketch Comedy YouTube Channel

  • “The Audition”

  • “Till Death Do Us Part”

  • “The Reservation”

Software Skills

  • Zoom, Google Docs, Excel, Writer Duet

Writing Samples

For full scripts and more information...

"Stay Here"- A One Act Play

Harry‘s close relationship with his friend is tested as he refuses to deal with a recent tragedy.

"The Reunion Interviews"- A One Act Play

High school seniors are required to participate in filmed interviews that will be compiled and shown at their ten year reunion. In a year when everyone is expected to have their life choices all planned out, many students find they are just beginning to discover themselves for the first time.


A young boy’s childhood is chronicled through his evolving friendship with his stuffed giraffe, Charlie.

Sketch Comedy Media

UCLA Spring Sing Company 2020: "Bianca's Bootcamp"

Written by: Jacob Cherry, Eliza Dillon, and Sophie Landeck

UCLA Spring Sing Company 2020: "Pi Day"

Written by: Jacob Cherry and Viva Rose

UCLA Spring Sing Company 2020: "TA Evals"

Directed and Written by: Jacob Cherry and Mackenzie Elias