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Charlie: UCLA Undergrad One Act Festival Premiere (2021)

  • Premiered November 4-6, 2021 at UCLA Macgowan Hall

  • Dir. Jake Goldfarb

  • Keep scrolling to read an excerpt from Charlie below!

UCLA Spring Sing Company 2020, 2021, 2022 Member - Sketch Comedy Group

  • UCLA’s annual music competition since 1945

  • Hosted by Company, a group of 12 students selected to write and perform comedic sketches in between the talent acts

Resident Writer for Sketch Comedy YouTube Channels "Rach and Jake Studios" and "Zip Zap Zop"

  • Student organized sketch comedy groups

  • Written, directed, and produced by UCLA students

Playwright at Lenaea Theatre Festival (2018)

  • Northern California Three-Day Theater Festival

  • One Act “The Reunion Interviews” was chosen to premiere at the Festival


UCLA Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theater (Spring 2022)

  • Introduction to Playwriting - Cary Simowitz

  • Fundamentals of Playwriting - Anna Fox

  • Writing a Full Length Play - Anna Fox, Sylvan Oswald

Theater Productions

“Charlie”- A One Act

  • Production - UCLA One Acts Festival (2021)

  • Dir. Jake Goldfarb

“The Reunion Interviews”- A One Act

  • Production - Christian Brothers Theater (2018)

  • Workshop - Harris Center for the Arts at Folsom Lake College (2018)

Playwriting Samples

For full scripts and more information...

Playwriting Samples


A young boy’s childhood at ages 5, 10, and 16 is chronicled through his evolving friendship with his stuffed giraffe, Charlie.

Only Selected Student-Written One Act at the UCLA Undergraduate One Acts Festival (2022)

"The Reunion Interviews" 

High school seniors are required to participate in filmed interviews that will be compiled and shown at their ten year reunion. In a year when everyone is expected to have their life choices all planned out, many students find they are just beginning to discover themselves for the first time.

Winner of Lenaea Theatre Festival Award for Best Supporting Actress: Jenn Roberts (Mrs. Drexel)


After years of unspoken feelings, Jude reunites with his former best friend, Hayden, at their high school. What could have been?

Sketch Comedy Media

Sketch Comedy

"Till Death Do Us Part"

Written and Directed by: Jacob Cherry 

"The Audition"

Written by: Jacob Cherry, Directed by: Jacob Cherry and Achintya Pandey

UCLA Spring Sing Company 2021: "Fishbowl"

Written and Directed by: Jacob Cherry and Eliza Dillon

UCLA Spring Sing Company 2021: "Awkward Mask Meeting"

Written and Directed by: Jacob Cherry and Grace Cohen

UCLA Spring Sing Company 2021: "Bru-Win"

Written and Directed by: Jacob Cherry, Rachel Stubington, Hanna Barlow

UCLA Spring Sing Company 2020: "Bianca's Bootcamp"

Written by: Jacob Cherry, Eliza Dillon, and Sophie Landeck

UCLA Spring Sing Company 2020: "Pi Day"

Written by: Jacob Cherry and Viva Rose

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