An Actor, Writer, and Comedian
Current Student at UCLA's School of Theater, Film, and Television
About Me

My name is Jacob Cherry, and I am an actor and writer from Sacramento, California, currently living in Los Angeles and studying at UCLA as a Theater (Acting) major.


As a passionate Shakespearean actor, I thrill in making contemporary audiences fall in love with classical text. 

In more contemporary works, whether I am making audiences laugh or think, I intend to always tell stories in my acting and writing that preach inclusion, diversity, and acceptance of those around us.  


What I love about creating art is the chance to collaborate with people who share a sense of purpose. I consider myself a very positive spirit, and I enjoy working with those who possess a sense of enthusiasm for the noble work they do.


Performance has the potential to irrevocably change someone, whether it be something as small and beautiful as brightening their mood on a burdensome day, to forever altering the way they see themselves or the world around them. 


I believe the main strength of my performances and writings are in feeling complete empathy for all my characters, and making them as human as possible. I hope that audiences are able to view the world from new perspectives and grow in acceptance of each other, something we desperately need.


Check out below what I've been working on recently!

Jacob Cherry: Animal Crackers