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An Actor, Writer, and Comedian

Current Student at UCLA's School of Theater, Film, and Television
About Little Ol' Me

My typical day needs to fit in a multitude of creative activities, from writing with my friend for our sketch comedy group so that we can make use of the green screen my parents got me for Christmas, to practicing my favorite movie scores on the piano (love you John Williams), to always saying “yes and” at my improv practice—even if that means I am suddenly playing a crooner who sings “L-O-V-E” from The Parent Trap in order to parent trap couples back together and then he ends up having marriage problems of his own because he’s always away from home singing “L-O-V-E” from The Parent Trap—and then finally at the end of the day, I can return home to tell my roommates good night and that I cherish them. Don’t worry, I never forget that last step—because even when I’m pressed for time and booking it from my Beatles class to my Chekhov rehearsal, I have to appreciate the people who make my life brighter, cause we all could use a reminder that we are worthy.


For this reason, I love uplifting the stories of those who may not believe in their worth, whether that’s acting as the underdog, or writing plays that find the beauty in the mundane. Perhaps I resonate with this being from Sacramento, which people may underestimate, but I find it to be an under-appreciated gem because to me, it’s home. My goal is to always make wherever I am and whoever I’m with, whether that’s on set with performers, on campus with writer pals, or in the apartment with my roomies, feel like home too.

Check out below what I've been working on recently!

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